Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Malaysia's next top politician

In light of recent developments in Permatang Pauh, I'd like to propose a new reality TV show:
Not bad for about 5 minutes of Photoshopping. Though I still need to track down the exact font, and tweak the tracking and kerning. The font I used for the top line is just Arial (stretched out), while the font for the bottom line is Bauer Bodoni.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Oh, The Huge Manatee!

OK, I have a weakness for good (bad) puns. Atrocious ones, even.

So I'm in awe of this combo verbal and visual pun. This one really made me laugh out loud, and then I immediately felt ashamed for laughing. It was reportedly first posted in Something Awful's Photoshop Phriday, though I can't find the exact posting.

Those of you who have a sense of history will get it right away. I think most people will recognise the original image, but may not know the significance of the words.

Here's a hint: Herbert Morrison

Anyway, this whole "huge manatee" business is not just an Internet meme. Here's an actual report of a huge manatee, from the NYT in 2006:
Massive Manatee Is Spotted in Hudson River
Certainly a missed opportunity for the obvious dream headline.

A bit of googling reveals that the phrase appeared as early as 2003. It was an episode title for something called the "The Gavin Crawford Show".

For related humour in poor taste, The Onion also had a spoof of the "Hindenburg Announcer Guy".

-Credz to Boing Boing.