Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Illumi-Lite = LED Backlight

Just returned a few days ago from the HP Mobility Summit held Shanghai, China. Among the more interesting products is the HP Compaq 2710p notebook which comes with an Illumi-Lite display. I've confirmed with HP that the term is marketing-speak for LED backlighting.

Current notebook displays all use cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) technology for backlighting. Among the benefits LEDs have over CCFL are:
· Over 10% longer battery life (which can translate to as much as 90 minutes more run time with a nine-cell battery pack)
· 10% thinner; in addition, the backlight driver can be included on the panel controller board and
does not require additional space below the panel
· 25% lighter
· Excellent color saturation at all brightness levels

LED backlighting is also claimed to be greener, because Mercury is not required in the manufacturing process. Plus, LEDs are supposed to last longer than fluorescent lamps, though no estimates have been provided yet.

source: HP white paper

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