Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Burma: Child Soldiers

Do we really need another reason to boot Burma (Myanmar) out of ASEAN?

Now reports are surfacing that the Burmese junta is recruiting child soldiers. This is because its adult soldiers have started deserting in large numbers, partly because they oppose the recent crackdown on Buddhist monks.

Now "recruiting" is a euphemism here, and I won't even use the word "conscripting". The children are usually abducted or threatened into joining the army. This is the worst kind of child abuse. So Malaysia, as a fellow ASEAN member, can be proudly associated with these despicable military leaders.

Don't forget about Malaysia's Petronas connection to Burma, which I wrote about previously.


Erna said...

Having worked for the UNHCR before, this isn't new. They kidnap recruits as young as 12 and not just as soldiers but as day labourers.

That's why I refuse to go to Burma for tourism. Knowing that slave labour makes the roads and their tourist attractions just makes me ill.

Chan Lee Meng said...

It's sickening to see how gutless the Asean and Malaysian politicians are. I'm sure they don't really believe that these military leaders can be "reasoned" with.

Are those gas reserves really worth that much to you?

Anonymous said...

I think it is sick that any human can do this to another human, Burmese Government need to take a stand, and perhaps our governments need to help too. Over 70 000 child soldiers now make up the 400 000 soldiers in the notorious Military Junta armed forces.

Help is needed.