Saturday, December 22, 2007

All your job are belong to Filipinos

So folks, the Phillipines is not just the land where Filipino maids come from, but it is the land where our future jobs are going to.

According to a recent market forecast by XMG, the Philippines is poised to overtake Malaysia in the race for global outsourcing revenues.

As expected, M'sia is in denial, and our government doesn't seem too concerned. One M'sian tecnocrat even claims Malaysia offers "high-value" services compared to the Philippines, though he also seems content to sprout techno-babble such as "process-oriented operational competencies":

Outsourcing Rivalry Doesn't Faze Malaysia

In fact, Mdec is still clinging on to a dubious consultancy report which ranks Malaysia No.3 in the world for outsourcing, just behind India and China. This ranking seems quite improbable to me, and appears to be symptomatic of the "inflated sense of self" that has been used to describe Malaysia. Are we really ahead of Singapore, Canada, Russia, and dozens of other strong outsourcing competitors?

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