Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Nero micro and Nero lite

I've always liked Nero Burning ROM, but the past few versions have become really bloated.
This hasn't resulted in big improvements in Nero Burning ROM, which has stayed virtually unchanged. The problem is, Nero AG insists on distributing it with a whole bunch of other stuff I do not want.

A quick check on the Nero site shows that the main installer for the latest version, Nero 8 weighs in at a whopping 179MB. And that's not including help files and template files, which are separate downloads. In fact, the retail version of Nero 8 now comes on a DVD-ROM.

I've been wishing for the good old days when the Nero installer was under 20MB. Apparently, I am not the only one who feels that way; someone named Klass Nekeman has produced Nero Micro, a very stripped down version of Nero Burning Rom.

The Inquirer
covered this unofficial installer back in February:
"Nero Lite" and "Nero Micro": smaller sometimes is better
The subheading is "Third party installers created to fight fatware".

. I really like that word.

The article is actually about Nero version 7 but, the same fatware problem persists in version 8. I was pleased to find out there is a Nero 8 Micro is available at this site, it is also produced by Mr. Nekeman. Nero 8 Micro is only 20.0MB; the Nero installer hasn't been this small since the early version 6.0 days.

Other than the main Nero program, you only have a choice of installing audio plug-ins and videoCD support.

Note that this is not a "crack" or "keygen" - you still need a serial number for Nero to work. The author does not promote piracy at all. He's just fighting fatware. If all you really want is Nero Burning ROM, then Nero 8 Micro is the way to go.

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