Saturday, March 01, 2008

Windows Vista: Don't buy yet, price cuts announced

If you're planning to buy Windows Vista, wait a while more because Microsoft recently said it would slash prices on retail boxed copies of Windows Vista. No word yet on Malaysian prices.

Here's a sample of pricing I got from Thundermatch on March 29:

All prices in RM. Some of those prices are eye-popping, especially for Vista Ultimate. Who pays RM1,295 just for an OS?

Analysts are already saying the price cuts won't solve Vista's problems and slow uptake:

Price cuts don't get to heart of Vista's problems
Microsoft's Cheaper Vista: Don't Bother
Vista price cuts show how much trouble Microsoft is in

My hope is that Vista price cuts will also force down the price for Windows XP. So even if you're not buying Vista, you might still want to wait. Another thing to look out for is the prices for OEM (system builder) versions of XP and Vista, which are already lower than the retail boxed versions.

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