Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Manufacturers unleash shrinking ray at consumer products

Ever felt that your groceries or cleaning products have been running out faster lately? Well, maybe you're not imagining things.

LA Times : On store shelves, stealthy shrinking of containers keeps prices from rising (Nov 9)
"Quantities of peanut butter, soap and other products are reduced to keep up with rising costs. Shoppers may not know they're getting less for their money."
Note this is happening in the United States, where there is comparatively more consumer awareness, and greater consumer activism than in other countries. I'm quite sure many Malaysian manufacturers are planning to use these sneaky tactics, or have already done so.

New "improved" Skippy bottle, now with money-wasting dimple! On the left is the 16.3 oz jar, while the one on the right is 18 oz. Both jars are the same size.

Photo credit: AP

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