Thursday, October 19, 2006

Your hidden voice-mail

Hi all, this is my first posting, so let's start with a zinger.

If you have a land line from Telekom Malaysia (about 99% of Malaysian land lines are TM's), you might be surprised to find out that you now have voice-mail service - even if you didn't ask for it. Apparently, TM enabled this feature for most (all?) of its customers about two months ago. But the problem is, TM has not informed its customers, so hardly anyone knows about this.

In fact, I only found out about the voice-mail service by accident while researching a non-related topic. I ran into this letter from the Consumers Association of Penang titled "TM subscribers ripped off by voice-mail service" which was posted on Malaysiakini on Sept 26. So I quickly checked my own phone number and discovered that, indeed, I had a voice-mailbox.

Worse, I found out callers had been leaving messages since around August! I had to call them all up and apologise for not returning their calls. Gee, thanks a lot, TM. I was thinking about getting voice-mail service, but it'd work better if you had informed me about it. You can surf to TM's website for instructions on how to access your voice-mailbox.

Other than the valid points raised by the CAP, I also found that the voice-mail system has a major security hole. This hole will become obvious to you (and probably to others) the moment you access the voice-mail system for the first time, or even if you just read TM's website. So folks, check your voice-mail ASAP!

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