Friday, August 17, 2007

Don't forget the New Umno Anthem

Not sure what all the excitement with Negarakuku is about.

Don't forget there is also the New Umno Anthem (Lagu Baru UMNO) available on youtube:

According to the youtube page, it was uploaded more than one year ago and has been viewed more than 29,900 times. The caption below says, "This is a video response to Umno Youth protest at Asean Ministerial meeting". You can also scroll down a bit for the lyrics.

If the govt is going after Namewee, why not go after these guys too?

Update: Another blog called Hope for Malaysia has transcribed the full lyrics (BM) and also provides an English translation.


ghostline said...

Hello Lee Meng,

You sound like you have some integrity left in you despite working for the Star. Hope you can hold on to your journalistic principles to do what's right and to always tell it as it is.


Anonymous said...

This is a good video upload but the lyrics are not clear. I hope since you have posted this link on your blog, it is better for you or other bloggers to have the lyrics written out and if possibly get them translated in all common Malaysian languages for the masses.

Thanks for posting this on your blog and hope you can do some more good deeds for all Malaysians.