Sunday, September 02, 2007

Are you a phantom voter?

Blogger Dr. Prince recently discovered that he is a registered voter in Kedah, even though he has never registered, and never voted before.

You can check your own voter status at the Election Commission (Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya, or SPR) website. Who knows, you may have "voted" during the last election even though you have not registered. And I'm guessing you "voted" for BN!

Note that the SPR website doesn't use any secure connections (e.g. SSL). So I would not recommend querying your data if you're using a public Internet connection (e.g. cybercafe, free wi-fi locations, etc). The SPR pages list quite a bit of personal information, thus creating a potential for identity theft.

It seems that the EC isn't too concerned about about serving up voter registration info over the Net on unencryted pages.

On a related note, check out the Wikipedia section on Electoral fraud.

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Dr.Prince (王子- 陳琮祐) said...

I think the question mark in my mind, is ..did I really vote?? and who have I been vote for!! Obviously, I would believe is BN??? This is quite a surprise for me though...and I would hope all of you can check your status out to see if someone has registered for you somewhere...that you don't even know the location...(? they have policy such as registering on behalf of you when you hit the legal age??hmm....question mark..)...