Saturday, September 27, 2008

Digi Prepaid: Reload RM100, valid for a year

I have a love-hate relationship with cellphones, leaning more toward hate. I'm not the chatty type; I only make a few calls every week, and usually, it's other people who want to call me. So, prepaid accounts are a great deal for users like me.

The problem with going prepaid, of course, is the credit validity periods. Any credit you reload will eventually expire, so you could end up snowballing credit if you don't use it up. For example, at one point, I had accumulated RM90+ in credit, but I could not use it unless I kept reloading. I'm a Digi user, so I called up their cust service to see if I could turn my existing credit into talk time. They said it's not an option for prepaid users. This BTW, is a fairly common policy among cellphone service providers, and it is meant to 'encourage' you to switch to postpaid.

Fortunately, I decided to poke around the Digi website and I found out about their Reload Validity Promo, where if you reload RM100, it will be valid for one year. Yup, valid for 365 days! Normally, a RM100 reload would be valid for 120 days (4 months). So now I don't have to worry about my credit expiring, until September next year.

If you want in on the Digi promo, you need to hurry though, because it ends on Tue, Sept 30. I believe Maxis has a similar promo.

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. said...

Digi sux.

Maxis sux.

Celcom sux.

Everything sux in Malaysia.

I just learned that the video content of www.VEOHcom can't be viewed in Malaysia.

We've blocked !

Yeah, Malaysia Boleh my foot !!