Saturday, September 06, 2008

Celcom's so-called unlimited 3G broadband has a 5GB cap

Celcom's 3G Broadband, which is advertised as "unlimited broadband", has a 5GB cap. Dunno whether it is strictly enforced. But the policy is listed on their site, so if you signed up without reading the fine print, then you can't really complain.

Their 'fair usage policy' is laid out over 10 pages using Flash. You cannot copy the text or resize it.

Check it out yourself at:
Look for the 'fair usage policy' link.

I find it amusing that they regard 5GB / month as "extremely high usage". In that case, they should not be advertising it as "unlimited". Here's a screencapt of their policy:

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Mohamed Rigval Reza said...

Consumers almost never read the fine print (me included) when they sign up for any plan. Marketing Dept. takes advantage of this. Remember Airaisa when they first started their cheap fares? no one told us that they still had to pay airport tax, fuel surcharges and if you noticed somesort of admin fee that still could be RM100+++ per booking. We all wonder what could this 'admin. fee' be.

chem said...

yes.. celcom is very strict on their 5GB cap. Stupid me.. No wonder its so fast! Most users got capped so early that they got capped right a few days of fast downloading. So there's more space for bandwidth. I got capped less than 1 week of usage. It'd so dumb. Web contents nowadays are very heavy with flash and images and what not. Speed no is no more than 15kB/s. around 128kb/s.

Chan Lee Meng said...

Hi Chem, thanks for visiting. As a temporary workaround, might I suggest you surf using Firefox, and install these add-ons: Adblock Plus and Flashblock. These will block a significant number of bandwidth-sucking ads and other useless content.

For additional protection, you can also install a modified HOSTs file as detailed on the MVPS website. Doing so will block ads, banners, third party Cookies, third party page counters, web bugs, and even most hijackers.

In the long run though, you might want to look at alternative ISPs and check out their T&Cs.

Anonymous said...

I think it was the case. Have received a sms from them concerning the usage of the boardband. It was not even reach to 3G yet... >_< Feel like myself also been cheated or the ads is really misleading. Anyway, is there any news about the 4G thinggy...

namra said...

change to streamyx. though slower but no offtime.

you're paying for monthly fees. you should be able to stay online as long as you'd like.

if you can't get full 30 days/24/7 usage that service is whack. is a hack.