Saturday, September 13, 2008

JVC AV29/25/21 series TV manual

Just got a lightly-used JVC TV from a relative, for a good price. It didn't come with a manual, but I found one online. So I'm re-posting it online for the benefit of other owners. The manual covers the following JVC TV models:

AV-29BS26, AV-29BX16
AV-29MS26, AV-29MX16
AV-29MX56, AV-29MX76
AV-29SS26, AV-29SX56
AV-29SX76, AV-25MS26
AV-25MX16, AV-25MX56
AV-25MX76, AV-21BS26
AV-21BX16, AV-21BX16B
AV-21MS26, AV-21MX16
AV-21MX56, AV-21MX76

Available at -

You can view it in your browser, or click on the "download" link. BTW, it is being hosted at the Zoho Viewer website, which is a great place for sharing PDF, Xls, Ppt, Rtf, and Word files. They can also host OpenOffice and text files.

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